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What You Need to Know About Personal Care Products

You may not even be aware that the personal care products you are using might not be safe to use. These include the shampoos, cosmetics, shaving creams, lotions, toothbrush, deodorants, hair dye and many others products that you buy from the local stores. Commercially-made personal care products usually contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous to your health as the chemicals are absorbed by the skin and are quite difficult to eliminate from the body. It is almost impossible to tell whether the product you are buying contains harmful chemicals even if you try to read the labels. You need not have to go through the difficult process of understanding the truth beyond reading the label of each of the personal care product that you use. All you need to do is to consult the Skin Deep database.

Created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Skin Deep database has the purpose of identifying products that contain harmful toxic chemicals. Protecting the unsuspecting public from the negative effects of using harmful chemicals contained in many personal care products is the goal of the EWG in releasing the Skin Deep database. It aims to promote more stringent policies of the federal government to improve their programs on conservation and sustainable development to promote public health.

The people behind the EWG remark that their research findings will help enlighten the public about the health information they deserve and to know about the dangers of using some personal care products that may be harmful to their health. It can also open the eyes of the legislators who pass laws that will strengthen the regulations of allowing these products to be sold in the market. A site is devoted for making public the Skin Deep database at Access to the site will allow you to search for a product, its manufacturer and the ingredients used for the product. Although the site does not provide a very comprehensive list of personal care products, the most popular ones used by the public are there.

As you search from the Skin Deep database, you will find a product rating from 0 to 10 as to the product’s hazard level. Other information provided include the health problems that can potential arise from the usage of the personal care product and the list of the hazardous chemicals contained therein. You will find the product and health information provided from the Skin Deep database very useful.