mission statement

I believe that in order to reach your highest achievement in life you must optimize your body so that this optimal state enhances your ability to express all of your gifts, talents, skills, abilities and attributes.  Health and wellness is the foundation and platform of all expression and action in life.  With an optimized body, you will begin to create and design the life that you want!

By using an integrative approach to health, “holistic fitness” allows you to focus on various aspects of health which can optimize hormonal and neurotransmitter function, allowing you to have more energy, think more clearly, be assertive and look great.

It is my belief that as you optimize your health, you will be able to be successful and advance in other areas of your life which include success in four primary areas: financial, emotional, spiritual and mental.
I define them as follows:

1- Financial Success: The ability to support yourself and others, the ability to educate yourself, travel and experience life without financial stress. The luxury of having free time to focus on self-development and hobbies.

2- Spiritual Success: An over-encompassing philosophy that allows you to live your life with integrity, purpose and ethics.

3- Mental Success: Having curiosity in various areas of life which include history, science, politics, language, culture, history, psychology, health, etc.

4- Emotional Success: The ability to communicate clearly and express yourself. The ability to be compassionate and empathetic towards others.  Developing good listening skills and the capability of diplomacy and having good conflict resolution skills with others.


By using an integrative and holistic approach, you will be able to develop in all of these areas.

My goal in life is to help others reach their highest level of potential by using the principals of holistic and integrative health.